304 Fear The Walking Dead “100” Recap

We really enjoyed this episode of Fear The Walking Dead. Daniel coming back is just what this show needed. With the original group still apart, we will see them come back together?

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One thought on “304 Fear The Walking Dead “100” Recap”

  1. Hi Guy’s,

    I’m not a big fan of Fear but the story about Daniel is a good one. From the being it showed that Daniel was some kind of feeling-less person except to his family. He seemed like a trained killer back then.

    Yes, the subtitles was interesting I really didn’t pay attention either because I watch almost everything that way.

    When that guy told Daniel the good new was he had water and could give it to him but the bad new was he had to walk to get it.

    Great job guy’s! I love your casting.

    Next week should be interesting.


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