218 Empire “Past Is Prologue” Full Recap

Empire’€™s season finale “€œPast Is Prologue” was a solid episode. Not great, but it’€™s just enough to get us back next season.

We get so much in this finale; Jamal’€™s home coming party, Anika’€™s suicide attempt, and the dramatic fight scene between Anika and Rhonda to close the episode.

We also get a few story changes; the biggest one being… who killed Luscious’ father?

This finale showers us with beautiful music only Empire can deliver!

Please join us as we give our thoughts on the unique Empire season finale.



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One thought on “218 Empire “Past Is Prologue” Full Recap”

  1. Hi Guys,

    I know i’m late!

    Who else would try to kill a baby to make her baby # one.
    Nicole I love you, you are so funny. I don’t Anika got placed either.

    You can always” Call Crap”. Is “Call shit” that more powerful? If it’s being yourself. Do you! I will still support you.

    I’m so proud of you both working full time jobs and doing what you love on the side. You’re not getting paid a penny for doing this and you love it.

    I predict you both will be big! Lots of people will love you for you. I really enjoy listening to you guys. You guys make me laugh so much! I like how you guys have different opinions.

    I think like you Nicole, Porsche instigated that scene with Carol to lead unto the red carpet scene. I could never see Porsche taking down to the person sister who hired her. That came out of no where.

    I agree Hakeem didn’t try!

    I don’t think it’s know way that there would be No prenup.

    I think Anika conducted the entire thing from the baby killing to the marriage. She told the FBI she knew what happen. I said boo boo kitty is back. She just have everyone tricked. Boo boo kitty don’t wan’t off she’s getting paid. Most people know it’s a show not real life. When they see her on the streets I think they will ask her for her autograph.

    The half brother is probably working with Anika.

    I think Andre will get there in time and they both will survive.

    Good luck on next season predictions.

    Great show!

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