217 Empire “Rise By Sin” Full Recap

We loved this latest episode of Empire, “Rise By Sin”. The drama and the shock and awe moments were at an all time high. The acting by all the actors were superb. There are still many question we have, and we hope they will be answered in the season finale. Will Freda go to jail for her crime? Will Lucious confess to his crimes? Now, we know that will not happen. There is a lot of talk about who push Rhonda, with the prime suspect being Anika, but we dont think it’s that easy. Hakeem and Laura are planning the wedding of their dreams, but will they actually go through with it? Finally, we all want to know what Ms. Walker will tell the reporters. With only one episode left, we would love to hear from you, empire@theverdictsin.com and we will discuss on the podcast.

Thank you for listening!

One thought on “217 Empire “Rise By Sin” Full Recap”

  1. Hi Guys,

    Great episode!
    Things have to happen to create an on going story line. If the guards didn’t give Carol an inch the story line would have went in a different direction.

    I do believe that Anika pushed Rhonda and she knows she’s busted but she’s wearing her poker face. I would be surprise if it was anyone else.

    Andre did tell his grandmom that was a safe room.

    Lucious was wrong for what he said to Jamal but some people can dish it out but can’t take it. Meaning when Jamal came back at Lucious about not being able to look in his mom eyes without tearing up about something that happen 40 years ago Lucious lost it. I believe the part he said about trying to accept something that didn’t come natural to him but he’s not proud of him and will celebrate when he die of aid was the lowest of the lows that you could ever say to anyone. I know this is just a show and he was reading what the writers wrote for him but had I seen Terrence Howard that same night on the streets I would of hit him with a rock. Good acting!

    Lucious will have to married Anika to prevent her from testifying against him which will break Cookie’s heart. Which will put Anika back in the drivers seat for the new season and Kitty bobo will return.

    Great job guy’s!

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