207 “Time Will Tell” Wayward Pines -Recap

We enjoyed this weeks episode of Wayward Pines, “Time Will Tell” We agree with Theo, that Jason was the only animal in that room. We are sure he will get punished shortly for all his crimes against humanity. We are happy that Megan was finally put down. She better not show back up in season three. It seems that Kerry has surpassed Jason, and with his fate pretty much determined, we dont see that relationship lasting much longer. Cant wait to see what Margaret does next.

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One thought on “207 “Time Will Tell” Wayward Pines -Recap”

  1. Hey guys! Thanks so much for the shoutout a couple of weeks ago! So far Ive been right about the book 3 references (Hassler coming back, the female abby in Wayward Pines, not being able to grow food anymore…) Ill wait till the end of the season to say more because I dont want to be one of those “book reader guys” that spoils everything. I hate when Game of Thrones book people do that. lol. Anyway, I think I can say this because I honestly cant remember the point of this in the books but I believe the whole thing with them not being able to grow food anymore is basically saying that the earth itself is rejecting the humans and their “pollution” because they are not suppose to be there anymore. Basically the same thing that happened before that created the abbys. The humans where destroying the earth and the earth got rid of them.

    It is weird seeing them try to weave in book 3 stuff with a bunch of new people because they keep killing off the old characters, but I am interested to see how close they stay to the same story line.

    Im not a big book reader, but I think you guys would be shocked to see all of the differences in the books. Very similar but very different!

    -Sean Grant

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