204- Fear The Walking Dead “Blood In The Streets” Recap

We loved this
weeks episode of Fear The walking Dead. “Blood In The Streets”
showed us Strands backstory. It turns out our favorite captain is a
con artist, but does he also have a weak spot for love? Chris is
slowly becoming a new favorite. he is kicking ass and wont be
taking chances anymore. We see Alicia’s pen pal has showed up, and
he is definitely not a friendly, but will Alicia be able to gain
his trust long enough to escape? Madison took an “L” this week, but
she got back up just in time to rescue Strand. Travis is getting
stronger each episode, and we cant wait to see the words he will
have for Strand when he returns. Finally, we have our beloved Nick
who has already adapted to this new world, he is definitely “the
coffee beans”. We would love to hear your feedback next week, be
sure to hit us up dead@theverdictsin.com or on
twitter @theverdictsin or our Facebook page-

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