105 “The Season of The Witch” The Night Of Recap

In this weeks episode of The Night Of, “The Season of The Witch”, we see Naz officially turn into a criminal. We now wonder what else is he capable of. John and Chandra look into the murder scene, and find out where a suspect could have ran off to. John takes it a step too far, by playing cop. 

We are looking forward to the next three episodes to see how this whole thing ends. We would love to get your feedback, hit us up hosts@theverdictsin.com

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One thought on “105 “The Season of The Witch” The Night Of Recap”

  1. If you had any form of eczema you would pay anything to get rid of it. I broke out in hives after taking some pain medication and grapefruit juice and I almost pulled and scratched my skin off of my hands it was itching that bad. I put it in cold water, rubbed it down with alcohol. You can actually go crazy! He have to have insurance knowing you have that as an on going problem.

    This show remains me of a show when I was younger called Colombo. He was a private investigator who was dirty looking, baggy wrinkle wearing cloths, unshaven that wore this wrinkled London fog coat all the time. He solved all of his cases in a round about way. People look down on him to because he didn’t dress the part.

    John son said the kids were disrespectful but he could have worn shoe. He said he’s afraid those days have pass. I guess he’s saying he can never wear shoes again.

    The problem with the tube of ketamine it was in his pocket and system only. I thinks she may have mixed it into his drink or drugs but someone put it into his pocket. John knows about these things because he has experience under his belt and Chandra doesn’t.

    Don’t forget the fact that Andrea had an history of being in rehab. What was she in rehab for? Well, we know John has her records.

    I think by Naz goes through disrespect on a daily base and i’m sure he’s tried of it. I think he’s being allowed to let his anger come out now by being with Freddie. If the guy was fighting back I don’t think it would have went that far.

    I think the pharmacist said those things out loud to John because the show is so dark like you said Nicole. To give it a few laughs.

    I think Nas probably had 4 bags but they wasn’t showing everything. I think he knows how many he took. I sure he wouldn’t say 4 if it wasn’t 4. It’s suppose to be funny him drinking more castor oil to get it out.

    I hope Nas didn’t think he didn’t have to do anything for Freddy’s protection.

    I don’t think it was smart of John to follow Dewayne.

    Thanks Nicole and good to have Gary on this episode.

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