103 “A Dark Crate” The Night Of Recap

In the third part of The Night Of, entitled, “A Dark Crate” we see what the beginning of life in prison means for Naz. With his parents wanting nothing but to help their son, a new defense attorney is hired. I wonder what John will or will not do next with this sign of betrayal. The episode did not end good for Naz, and don’t know what move he will make next in prison to stay safe.


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2 thoughts on “103 “A Dark Crate” The Night Of Recap”

  1. This was a very scary episode, I didn’t know who to trust or not. This guy appears to be his only friend guiding him into the way of the prison system. But I don’t know.

    Ambulance runner or chaser what John is called. Low end Attorney.

    In the beginning I thought any Attorney would do this case for no fee in order to get a book deal out of it. Even John but I guest money solves a case but he didn’t have a lot.

    I think this stealing of clients happens more than we ever think.
    Money trumps none!

    When the mattress was burning I thought maybe he should have went with the jail king

    Thanks Nicole
    can’t wait for the next episode

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