101 “The Beach” The Night Of Recap

Each week Nicole will cover the new HBO miniseries, The Night Of. In this first episode, “The Beach” we are introduced to a young man named Nazir. Desperate to get to a hot party, Nazir steals his dads car. On the way to the party a young woman gets into his car, and his night and life are forever changed. Although Nazir is the prime suspect, he doesn’t have a motive. Who killed Andrea is our biggest question. I’m looking forward to covering this new mini-series with you all, and would love to hear your theories or predictions. You can send them to hosts@theverdictsin.com and I will discuss on the podcast.

Thank you for listening!

One thought on “101 “The Beach” The Night Of Recap”

  1. Hi Nicole,

    Thanks for covering this show.

    I think that Nazir is a kid who has had sex once and excited about the possibility of having it again was the pretty girl who got into his father’s cab. And yes he did take atleast one shot and she poured another one. So he did drink an like you said took a pill and cocaine.

    The girl he picked up Andrea she looked like trouble with a capital T. At the beach she ask Nazir” have you ever did anything so bad that you wish you could transport yourself somewhere else”. Followed by she can’t be alone tonight. At this time it could be anyone.

    Jack Stone the attorney had no ideal of what he was getting himself in. He saw a big eyed kid who look afraid and innocent. Could be his child from the same nationality. I think this show is going to be like the last season of America Crimes with Regina King, lots of flashbacks and missing pieces. Also dealing with jail gangs and racist remarks. And to think his Mom’s going to wish he went to the party with his black schoolmates.

    I just think Andrea knew someone was coming for her that night.

    Can’t wait until the next episode!

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